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  • Remaining Positive In Times of Hardship.

    8th Aug 2019 by

    To be positive – Isn’t that something we all aspire to be and to feel in life? Embracing the sheer joy each moment brings whilst looking forward into the future with extreme excitment. Knowing that tomorrow is going to be better than today and that today is going to be better than yesterday – even… Read more

  • The Tragic State Of Modern Society!

    22nd Aug 2019 by

    I am going to be brutally honest in this article. Society is in absolute shambles. From enviromental issues to a raising level of ignorance and hatred amongst humans. Not to mention the sheer laziness that plagues the modern world. There are times when I wish to go to war, wiping out all of these types… Read more

  • How To Remain Positive At A Job You Hate!

    21st Aug 2019 by

    Many people have mastered the art of being positive, so they thought anyway. They’ll get into their corporate day job tomorrow and all laws of positivity will fly out of the window, with their mindset quickly turning to one of hatred and negativity. I see it daily if I am to walk the streets at… Read more

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